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        Environmental Protection

        One important element of CSR is environmental protection. We consider it as a core of our policy and emphasize energy-saving and low-carbon generation in developing and manufacturing our products. We also fund organic tea growers, participate in cleaning up beaches and various recycling programs.

        Green Product Development

        PLANET set standards to developing products with “green” design, from technical development, design, manufacturing, transporting and recycling.

        Green Supply Chain Management

        PLANET sets up “Supplier and Partner CSR Standard” to ensure that all our products are manufactured with least impact to our environment. We also sign agreement with suppliers such that they do not use materials that damage our environment.

        • Supplier and Partner CSR Standard:
        • ? Lead-free processing of materials and products
        • ? Eco-friendly design
        • ? No usage of materials that damage our environment
        • ? Products comply to RoHS, REACH, WEEE, ErP standards
        • ? ISO 14001 certified factory
        • ? Factory conforms to safety standards
        • ? No employment of illegal labors and child labors
        Implementation of Environmental Education

        PLANET provides systematic training on environmental protection and healthy lifestyle and encourages them to participate in such.

        Green Action Plan in the Workplace
        • Promoting concepts of carbon reduction, energy-saving, and anti-global warming
        • Implementation of waste reducing, re-using and recycling
        Trash Sorting Practice

        Practice of trash sorting for better recycling and waste prevention

        Mountain Cleanup

        Supporting the guardian of forest and mountain ecosystem

        International Coastal Cleanup

        Supporting the guardian of marine ecosystem

        Fund Organic Farmer in Pinglin, New Taipei City

        Supporting clean water quality in the upstream of Feitsui Reservoir which provides water resources for residents in Northern Taiwan