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            Letter from Chairman & CEO

            The year 2018 marks the 25th anniversary of PLANET电视网. PLANET, carrying its own brand “PLANET”, has built up its global distribution channels in nearly 150 countries over the past quarter century. PLANET has launched comprehensive infrastructure network solutions featuring smart management, user-friendliness, and energy savings to meet the needs of networking and communications in all sectors, such as enterprise network, IoT (Internet of Things), IIoT (Industrial IoT), IoV (Internet of Vehicle), etc. Since our founding in 1993, we have held the business ethics of integrity and vision of sustainable development for PLANET. Along with our daily business, we have diligently carried out corporate social responsibility making sure whatever benefits we bring to our society and planet Earth can be made on a long-term basis. Upholding the philosophy of altruism, we strive to continuously increase corporate values so as to achieve economic growth, social advancement, and environmental sustainability as well.

            Responding to the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) of the UN published in 2015, PLANET has conducted its CSR activities that are more related with the economic, social and environmental issues worldwide, the norm in accomplishing the common goals worldwide. We will not only continue to strengthen the corporate governance in an attempt to maintain a good company structure, but also develop energy-saving products. In addition, we will devote ourselves to building a complete Green Supply Chain, in response to the issues of climate change. PLANET has put gender equality, improvements of its employees’ careers and enhancement of their physical and psychological health into practice. In addition, PLANET has made the effort to improve the education of the disadvantaged children who are slow learners, and protect the eco-friendly environment in our communities. We are happy to learn that more than 7,000 disadvantaged children have regained their motivation and confidence in learning via PLANET’s “Educational Program for the Disadvantaged Children” for the past 14 years, making substantial positive influence on the quality of the human resources and the social development.

            Resulting from our continuous effort in practicing CSR to increase business value, PLANET has been recognized as a CSR model in Taiwan. In respect of corporate governance, PLANET has been listed in the TPEx Corporate Governance Index since 2015 as well as ranked among the top of Corporate Governance Evaluation in Taiwan. Our products have also been awarded Taiwan Excellence Award for the past 15 consecutive years since 2004. Its recently innovative product, Color Touch LCD managed switch series, is particularly user-friendly and energy-efficient, fulfilling the demands of smart networks. In general, PLANET is especially the only TPEx listed company to be awarded “ Excellence in CSR” by CommonWealth Magazine for the last 11 consecutive years. Furthermore, we are the only company in Taiwan that has received the first “Humane Entrepreneurship Award” (H.E. Award) promoted by ICSB, making PLANET a global CSR model even more prominent.

            Lastly, I would like to appreciate all the supports that have been given by all our employees, worldwide distribution partners, suppliers and shareholders. PLANET will continue to be a responsible player in the world by creating sustainable business value, continually strengthening corporate governance and promoting business performance in all aspects, as well as contributing to the future of a better society and a more beautiful Earth.